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Break Every Chain: What Happens When Men Are Set Free

Zach needed somewhere to go to talk about some hard subjects...he was struggling in his marriage and desperately wanted help from his pornography addiction. He needed a place where he could speak freely without worrying about his reputation or how he would be received. He chose Reliance. Zach was a different man when he walked through our doors. He was filled with shame and didn't know how to stop the destructive cycle he was on. He felt hopeless. Through biblical counseling, building practical tools and habits, and through diving into the mess with him and showing him we are for him, Zach found hope.

Real. Lasting. Hope.

The hope Zach found through his time with Reliance Men was not just hope for a thriving marriage...which he found.

Or hope for breaking his addiction...which he found.

But real, lasting, hope. The kind of hope that only comes from Jesus.

Because of the impact of the men pouring into him at Reliance, Zach renewed his relationship with the Lord and joined a local body of believers to continue accountability and discipleship.

This is what his wife recently had to say.

"Since starting in your mentoring program his life and our marriage has done a 180. He has been a lot more honest about things. He was stayed sober and has not given into his addiction. It's turned our family around and added so much strength to our marriage."

His wife also shared that Zach has been spending more intentional time with his family and he shows more emotion now where he didn't before. She's loved that his countenance has changed and all the little things that she's noticed. (Like he's more productive, complete projects, and stays busy in a healthy way.) She shares that through this process she's been able to build trust again.

We love stories like Zach's. We love walking through the messiness of life with people, breaking cycles of shame and chains of addiction. But here's the thing, friends...Zach wasn't alone in this.

Because his life was transformed, because he is leading his marriage the way God intended, his entire family's lives are transformed.

At Reliance, we're about breaking cycles for G E N E R A T I O N S.

Will you join us?


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