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Broken, But Not Without HOPE

When we first met Catrina*, she came to us straight from her primary care physician's office, scared to death, high on heroin, and running from the police. She was with an abusive partner and struggling to just live, let alone choose life for the baby growing inside of her.

She was sure abortion was the right choice because she had been using drugs so hard, she knew her baby couldn’t be healthy. When we started her ultrasound, we saw the track marks all over her body and our heart broke. Catrina was so terrified. Nothing in her life was stable…she just wanted to escape.

We offered her care, hope, and compassion, but when she left here that day, we didn’t know if she would choose life, or if we’d ever see her again.

In the Waiting He Is Working

We didn’t hear from her for a long time. Our nurse Aisha kept one of her ultrasound pics in her bible and we prayed for her almost daily. Not knowing where she was, if she or her baby were ok…was so hard. It’s one of the hardest things we deal with here is when a client leaves and we don’t know the outcome.


A few months later, Catrina walked back into the center, with a big beautiful belly and clear eyes. Our hearts EXPLODED with joy. She chose life for her baby girl, she was strong, sober, and ready to start this new life with her daughter. She came back to us because she knew we were still here for her, and could help her. We gave her all the items she needed for her new baby (due in a few weeks) and we spent some time encouraging her and loving on her.

Catrina had her baby in September and is still healthy, sober, and loving being a mama to her sweet baby girl.

Shining a light into the lives of broken people is exactly what Jesus has called us to. An abortion would have not only ended the life of this precious baby, it would have also destroyed Catrina's life. However, because of your generous support and the care she received at Reliance, Catrina is living a radically different life than she was last year.

When you partner with Reliance, you impact moms and babies like Catrina and her daughter. You help us shine a light of hope into a season of despair. Will you consider a generous gift so we can continue to help more women like Catrina?

Together, we can share truth, give hope, and save lives!


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